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Kupu- vai avoantenni? Etkö ole varma? Kupu- vs avoantenni taulukkomme auttaa sinua päättämään.



Raymarine Digital and HD Digital Radomes

Raymarine Open Array Radar

Raymarinen Digital ja HD Color kupuantennit

Raymarinen HD Color ja Super HD Color avoantennit




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Tutustu lisää Raymarinen tutka-antenneihin ja niiden helppokäyttöisyyteen sekä suorituskykyyn tutka sivujemme avulla.



Raymarine Open Array and Radome with radar background

Raymarine Radar Features

Features Raymarine HD Digital vs Super HD Digital Radar

Raymarine Open Array with sky background

Kupu- vai avoantenni?

Raymarinen tutka ominaisuudet

Digital, HD Color ja

Super HD Color selitetty

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Technology and software - what's the difference? Raymarine has 3 different types of radar antenna


  • Digital - 8 colour resolution
  • HD Color - 256 colour resolution
  • SHD Color - 256 colour resolution

256 color


Radome or Open Array? Which is right for my boat?


Raymarine Open Array Radar  


Raymarine Digital and HD Color Radome Radar


Radome antennas are the perfect blend of compact size, light weight and high performance. Choose a radome antenna when space is a premium or restricted by rigging. Radome scanners also consume less power than open array scanners which is essential for long-distance cruising sailboats.


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Raymarine Open Array Radar  


Raymarine HD Color and Super HD Color Open Array Scanners


The choice of mid to large-sized powerboats and sailing vessels, open array radar scanners deliver higher sensitivity, better target detection and improved target separation. Open array systems are available with 4kW or 12kW transmitters for exceptional performance at all ranges.


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Our Radome versus Open Array comparison table may help you decide.