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Tacktick Q&A 


In July 2011 Raymarine acquired the Wireless Marine Electronics manufacturer Tacktick and are now manufacturing, distributing and supporting the product range through the Global Service network. Distribution and sales channels are being brought in line with Raymarine products and exciting new product development is commencing in the R&D Department to introduce the low power Micronet wireless protocol to a range of new products.

Tacktick FAQs will soon be integrated into Raymarine ‘s interactive database but here the Raymarine Technical Support Team answers your current hot Tacktick topics…


Is there a possibility that my neighbours’ Micronet system could interfere with mine or that I could read information from his boat and vice versa?

Each Micronet system has its own unique address. This ensures that it will not communicate with any other Micronet system. Micronet networks are set up at installation stage and systems manufactured since September 2009 have been pre-networked making a system operate together directly out of the box.

Additional new instruments may be asked to join the network later but another system cannot be coupled without the user accepting the process via the keypad.

Essentially each Micronet network is a secure system and will not communicate with others close by.

Is my Tacktick product waterproof?

Yes. All Tacktick displays are completely sealed and waterproof. Submersible to 10 metres (although the Micro Compass will float if lost overboard).

Unlike many other marine electronics instruments, Tacktick products are fully sealed and can be submerged to depths of 10 metres. There have been reports of displays being lost overboard and then retrieved by divers several days later. Displays were placed back on board and were still working.

It is recommended that Hull Transmitters and Speed/Depth Pods are located in areas of the boat such that they are not subjected to direct water spray to protect the wired connections.

Can I connect a Tacktick system to other Raymarine products or other manufacturers’ products?

Yes. Using the T122 Wireless NMEA Interface which has 2 NMEA0183 inputs and one output the Micronet Wireless protocol can talk to other equipment. The input and output specification also allows for communication with a PC running navigation software packages.

What are the benefits of using a Tacktick Micro Compass?

For Dinghy and small boat racing the Tacktick Micro Compass is precise,

lightweight, and easy to read, so you can spend less time looking at the compass, and more time thinking through the tactics. These units are portable and straightforward to install, so you can take your Micro Compass from boat to boat, and rapidly set up for tactical racing.

What type of battery is used in the Tacktick units and how long does it last?

The battery is a specialist set of Manganese Lithium Cells that do not have a memory and offer in excess of 10 years of continuous use (manufacturer’s specifications). The low power electronics used in Tacktick products allow the batteries to operate for between 200 and 300 hours without any solar charging at all. Most products now have easily replaceable battery packs should there be a problem following long periods of poor charge.

Why are the Maxi Displays perfect for my racing requirements?

The large digits and clear visibility of the Tacktick Maxi Displays allow for vital racing data to be available to every member of the crew and in direct line of sight for the forward looking helmsman.

AutoLeg pages ensure that the correct data is displayed on each leg of a race showing pre-start, upwind and downwind suitable information without the need for any button pressing.

Should additional data be required, the Remote Display can be used from anywhere on board taking away the inconvenience of sending a crew member to the mast to make changes. The T110 Maxi Display also contains “Airflow Correction” tables allowing for detailed correction of Wind Data giving accurate True Wind Angle and Direction information only previously available through highly expensive third party software.

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