Software Version: v3.04
Release Date: September 2011
Replaces: 3.03
Effected Products: ST70 Instrument Display

Important Notes4 software files are required if updating before v3.03; Instrument App, Raymarine_V1_00.pkg & Bootloader together with the relevant autorun file for the MFD you are using.  Bootloader must be installed first, then the Pilot App and Instrument App after.

Downloading the Software

1 - Select the software update below depending on which Multifunction Display you will be using to perform the Remote Update

A Series C Series Classic E Series Classic C Series Wide E Series Wide G Series V 2 G Series V 4 a/c/e Series
A Series Thumb 115px
C Classic Thumb 115px
E Classic Thumb 115px
C Wide Thumb 115px
E Wide Thumb 115px
G Series Thumb 115px
G Series Thumb 115px
Wireless c/e Series Thumb 115px

2 - Visit our dedicated instruction page for step by step instructions on how to update your remote product. The page is separated so you can easily print the page

Changes in this update

  • This is to rectify a problem recently reported of the Display blanking out after powering up.

Previous Versions

Version 3.03

This includes the following enhancements:
  • Finnish, Portuguese & Polish Language support added.
  • Colour Modes 1/2/3, red/black and Inverse Colour Palettes now replace original to align with ST70+ Colour Modes.
  • System Brightness added. – Brightness can now be controlled globally via an ST70 or ST70+ Display & Keypad
  • Brightness Grouping added. – Can now be control individually, globally or within a defined Group of ST70 & ST70+.
  • Correction to E2 device write problem. – Corrects potential loss of internal / setup memory after long term use.

Changes to Bootloader (v0.21) & (v1.0) Software:

  • Bootloader (v0.21) assigns a unique ID: – It is now impossible to inadvertently program an ST70P with ST70I software and visa versa. This applies to programming with a G Series or any other compatible MFD. Note, after loading Bootloader v0.21 the software can not be downgraded to previous versions.
  • Bootloader (v1.0) includes the changes in (v0.21) and also allows easier software downloads with large Seatalk NG systems. - Note with previous Bootloader you may have to reduce the number of NG products on the bus.

Changes to Raymarine Splash Screen (v1.0):

  • Splash Screen graphics have now changed to align with ST70+, A Series, & C / E Series Widescreen MFD’s.