Raymarine Ambassadors & Sponsorship

Pushing Raymarine Products to the Limits

From fast and furious powerboat racers to world cruisers, top class fishermen to world record breaking rowers; our ambassadors are pushing the boundaries and testing our marine equipment at extreme limits.

Not only do our ambassadors give us great direction for future product development but they provide some great hints and tips, videos and how-to's for all who love to live life on the water.

We are always interested in hearing from individuals and teams looking to become Raymarine ambassadors, for sponsorship and charity support. We receive hundreds of applications each year and in order to help both us and you when considering your proposal please read the following FAQ’s before contacting us.



Erik Aanderaa - Solo Sailor | Marine Electronics by Raymarine

Erik Aanderaa

Solo Sailor

Writing and telling adventurous stories has always been a great passion all the way from my childhood. And watching storytelling on film got me even more intrigued, as I found out the first time I got my hands on a very basic editing software. So in 2016 it was time to give it my best go to combine my two passions- sailing and storytelling on YouTube!


Jonne Nylund - Pro Fisherman | Raymarine by FLIR

Jonne Nylund

Pro Fisherman

Jag har fiskat så länge jag kan minnas i den åländska skärgården och fisket är som ett arv. Min farfar lärde mig grunderna och viktig kunskap som jag använder mig av också idag.


Juho Karhu - High Latitude Sailor | Raymarine by FLIR

Juho Karhu

High Latitude Sailor

With his background in match racing and his love for snow and freezing temperatures, he decided to make the jump into expedition sailing by moving on board his s/y Sylvia to experience the Arctic at its best. His current mission is is to sail from Finland to Svalbard.


Kristen Ahlgren - Pro Fisherman | Raymarine by FLIR

Kristen Ahlgren

Pro Fisherman

Kristian aloitti kalastusharrastuksen jo 6-vuotiaana. Rannalta tapahtuva heittokalastus on ajan saatossa muutunut veneestä tapahtuvaksi heitto- ja vetokalastamiseksi.